The FAST framework makes performers out of agile projects.

Agile methods such as Scrum were developed for the use in small teams. But they are not suited for the management of cross-organisational transformation projects and programmes, with big teams and many subprojects which depend on one another. And the classical waterfall model is no longer an alternative in a world where the basic conditions are constantly changing.

Our solution is called FAST. With our “Framework for Agile Scaled Teams”, we make big transformation projects agile and controllable. The FAST method creates an integrated, scalable planning framework, with which also big projects can be safely and dynamically achieved.


Our project method FAST is…


lightweight and transparent,


applicable to all sorts of projects with guidelines, roles, templates and proven tools,


easy to learn and implement,


highly scalable and thus ideal for big and complex programmes with many individual projects and service providers,


predetermines a clear rhythm,


uses proven agile methods as a basis,


and guides projects as a whole until the successful transformation.

FAST stands for fast success


The FAST project methodology uses proven agile standards and methods and is partially based on SAFe™, the most successful scalable agile framework for programmes and companies. But FAST dispenses quite deliberately with its complexity. Therefore, the method is lightweight and transparent, fast to learn and improves the performance of your projects already in the first weeks. We have developed FAST on the basis of our longstanding project experience and continually improve the framework together with our clients.

The driving rhythm on all levels.

Agile methods are based on strict, defined implementation cycles, the sprints. FAST scales this rhythm to further temporal dimensions. The most important element here is the FAST Season Planning. In a fixed quarterly rhythm, the Season Planning predetermines a steady cycle, according to which projects, teams, goals, deliverables and results are repeatedly synchronised and thus become controllable. Hence, originate continuous alignment, transparency, focus and a constant connection between strategic business goals and operative execution.

In the rhythm of FAST, finally all digitalisation projects pull effectively and in sync in the same direction.

Creating lasting benefits with Value Streams.


With the FAST Value Streams, the big “elephant” is cut up in small thematic pieces, in order to make the big picture manageable. Clear rules guarantee that these subprojects exclusively pursue useful goals and obtain value added. Moreover, cross-functional workstreams such as Change-Management and Operations make sure that not only the perfect solution, but also the anchoring in the organisation and the future operation always stay in sight.


Solution: results that last.
Requirements, results, features, processes, concepts, product.


Programme management: works inwardly.
Solution process, project organisation, resources, planning.


Change management: works outwardly.
Transformation, acceptance, training, feedback, organisation.


Operations: systems and process.
Operation, support, release management, DevOps.

FAST is dynamic and innovative, as only agile approaches can be, gives the security of classic top-down methods and uses only the necessary elements from SAFe, in order to remain simple and quickly implementable.”

Speed up your digital transformation with FAST – the fast scalable agile framework.

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