Technical competence is undoubtedly one of the key factors for successful project implementation. But what aspects in addition to technical competence does good project implementation require?

Multi-project management

Technical design 

No matter how good a project manager who works for the software provider or implementation partner might be, he is still subject to his company’s economic interests. A project manager on the customer side has an internal past and thus also allies and enemies. In many cases, internal project managers might also lack experience in project management and digitalisation.

This task can really only be performed properly by our freely acting project managers who represent the customer’s interests. They control all projects and service providers, have technical expertise and are also able to point out unrealistic dreams if need be.

Good know-how lets you facilitate and accelerate many areas. The strength of our interdisciplinary team of consultants lies in the fact that we have profound expertise in wide-ranging areas of technology. As such, we can take over the technical design of a project and make you independent of software providers or implementation partner.

Data modelling and migration 

As data are essential in digitalisation, data modelling and the migration of legacy data play an essential role. Anyone can collect data – but structuring data so that information is not lost and can be found consistently with little effort is a major challenge and our core competence.

This is where our comprehensive knowledge of different software solutions adds value. In this respect, it is important to keep a holistic perspective. This helps avoid many of the mistakes typically made with data models. Over the years, we have also developed tools for efficient data migration and simultaneous data cleansing.

Test and approval management 

Clean, legally effective approval is possible only if test sequences are coordinated early on and have also been agreed as approval criteria. This should be taken for granted – but 9 out of 10 projects do NOT involve approval.

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