When it comes to the software selection with our customers, we want to decide freely, and this is only possible, if we remain neutral.

We are 100 percent independent and with our team of consultants have created a basis which enables us to offer broad market expertise for highly varied solutions.


The XT method – your route to success

Using our know-how, broad market expertise and many years of experience as a basis, we have developed a method which allows you to find the right partner, quickly and efficiently.

As a first step, your needs and requirements are determined so that we can lay the foundation for a tailored solution together. To make this process as comfortable and easy for you as possible, we provide you with our user stories and our basic feature list.

We always claim for ourselves to have a precise, up-to-date overview of the software market and to present this to you in our internal provider profiles.

The negative selection – we keep things in perspective for you

The second step – and hence a major sub-area of our method – is negative selection in which we explain to you and give you reasons why certain solutions would not work for you.

This quickly leaves you with a shortlist of three up to five chosen providers warranting closer examination based on workshops around user stories, etc.

Face to face – reaching a decision together

Step 3: Decide in a team which provider will work best for you in the future.

An objective within reach

The result is a clear perspective of the functional favourites and of possible fallback candidates (ranks 2 and 3) in case the favourite is not available at a later date, e.g. for commercial reasons.

As the providers can gain a much clearer idea of the potential project from the workshops and the requirements shared and discussed, they are only requested to submit an offer after the workshop.

We add each offer to a comparative structure in order to identify gaps, misjudgements or missing licences, and to fill or correct these in the further process with the providers.

In the end, we have a realistic overview of the expenses and costs of the project.

The final decision

Make the right decision for the best solution.
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