Xtentio GmbH is a leading specialist in holistic digital transformation of large industrial and commercial enterprises. We are a trusted advisor and assist our customers to perfectly network their systems, processes and data as well as their entire organisation.

Jointly with our customers we design and develop enterprise-wide structures and processes that enable cross-departmental thinking and action. We therefore enable them to successfully meet the challenges of digitisation.

Xtentio was founded in 2009 based on many years of consulting practice. We always work independently of systems and without marketing strategies. Our staff have detailed knowledge of the provider market, a deep understanding of systems and extensive project experience.

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Our Team

  • Thomas Lucas-Nülle
    Thomas Lucas-Nülle Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    His passion: Change to digital – everything that can be digital will be digital. But he also finds relaxation entirely without technical equipment when sailing or kitesurfing on the world’s oceans.

    PIM, MDM, MAM, e-Commerce, CRM, CMS & TMS

  • Darja Schäfer

    She manages all office processes in our internal control room, paying special attention to bookkeeping and accounting. To relax, she loves to go skiing.

    with a penchant for solving riddles in tricky Office and Excel applications

  • Lucas Wehlmann
    Lucas Wehlmann Senior CONSULTANT & Sales

    He loves adventure – while handling complex product environments, digital marketing challenges or while travelling across the continents.

    Data modelling, change to digital, marketing and web analytics

  • Marco Hoff

    His greatest strength lies in integrated complete systems, especially in mail order business. He loves pleasant barbecues in the evenings and sporty challenges such as running and catamaran sailing.

    PIM, MAM, CMS, TMS, Database Publishing and editorial systems

  • Alisa Decker
    Alisa Decker Consultant

    Not only when snorkelling does our specialist for analysis and data models dive deeper into fascinating worlds, but also when it comes to the digital transformation.

    Specialist for:
    data models, analysis & statistics

  • Mark Philipp Sears
    Mark Philipp Sears SENIOR CONSULTANT

    His customers are major brand corporations. He is one of the best when managing media processes. As our resident optimist and a fan of stand-up comedy, he always spreads a good mood.

    MAM, PIM & CMS used globally by major corporations

  • Heiko Süthoff
    Heiko Süthoff Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

    His priorities are process management and the change to digital. He also uses his varied skills in his private life: As an active triathlete, he swims, cycles and runs.

    Process management, organisational development, change to digital, PIM

  • Nina Schnarr
    Nina Schnarr Head of People & Culture

    As our organisational talent, she manages everything from recruiting and onboarding to event and travel management and loves travelling herself – preferably to Greece.

    Employee development, event and travel management

  • Christian Hepp
    Christian Hepp Consultant

    Whether in change management, the digitalisation of processes and organisations or behind the grill at a barbecue – he always has a knack for the right timing and the perfect (seasoning) mix.

    Specialist for:
    Change management, CRM, data modelling & BI

  • Markus Schrabback
    Markus Schrabback Chief Operations Officer (COO)

    His area of expertise is processes in the environment of product data – mostly in large corporate groups. As a passionate skier, he doesn’t mind working where others go on holiday.

    PIM, MAM, all sales processes involving CRM and CPQ, e-Commerce & BI

  • Ilona Sandrock
    Ilona Sandrock MARKETING MANAGER

    Responsible for the look and feel of all our media channels, this mother of twins also knows what she’s about in her private life. During her time off, she volunteers for the Auxiliary Fire Brigade.

    Corporate marketing, graphic design & communication

  • Matthias Jacob
    Matthias Jacob Senior Consultant

    His passion is to connect people and systems in digital processes across departments. Diversity is something he also cultivates in his personal life: with guitar, keyboard, racing bicycle or golf club.

    Digital transformation, Process management, IT architecture

  • Dominik Adam
    Dominik Adam Senior CONSULTANT

    His area of expertise: requirement management. With his perfectly tailored attire, this passionate hobby golfer always hits the green.

    ERP & PIM

  • Annette Schlote
    Annette Schlote Accounting & Controlling

    With her long-standing experience as an accountant, she is responsible for our accounting and controlling. In her free time, she likes to travel – preferably to the Canary Islands.

    Specialist for:
    Finance & Accounting

  • Tobias Lenschen
    Tobias Lenschen SENIOR CONSULTANT

    With his many years of professional experience in retail, he is our man for B2B e-Commerce and database publishing. Outside work, he also loves technology and has a soft spot for gadgets.

    PIM, MAM, CMS, eProcurement and classification systems

  • Kira Huß

    She always keeps rolling. As a business IT expert, she specialises in data and process models, and loves to play basketball in her spare time.

    Process management and CRM

  • Luisa Friedrichs
    Luisa Friedrichs Office Management

    Our apprentice for office management supports us in all organisational and commercial concerns with much passion. She also likes to lay back with her dog at the North Sea.

    All-Round Talent:
    with a creative streak

  • Mario Bretzler
    Mario Bretzler SOFTWARE & IT SERVICES

    Software applications and IT systems are his hobbyhorse. Which means he always keeps track and is always in control: not just of our data, but also with his passion, juggling.

    CRM, BI, E-commerce, PIM, MAM & Database publishing

  • Dirk Wäscher
    Dirk Wäscher SENIOR CONSULTANT & Head of Project Excellence

    He ensures transparency in the interplay of communication, data storage and digital services in complex companies. Privately, he enjoys visiting distant cities and the world’s best bars.

    Data modelling, PIM, MAM, e-Commerce & CPQ

  • Tarek Nitschke
    Tarek Nitschke DATA SERVICE EXPERT

    In the data jungle, he supports our clients in the creation of high-quality and consistent product information. But in his personal life, he can have a quiet time when hiking in the mountains.

    Master data management

  • Jürgen Richter
    Jürgen Richter SENIOR CONSULTANT

    His passion is data, especially data cleansing and migration. Privately, he also loves challenges and exploring countries off the tourist track on his own in his jeep.

    PIM, MAM, Database Publishing, translation management and data modelling

  • Julia Schwerdtfeger
    Julia Schwerdtfeger Office Management

    Whether in accounting, preparing quotations, project management or when dancing hip hop in her free time – she always hits the right beat.

    with a quick grasp of things

  • Kim Wolf
    Kim Wolf Digital Marketing Manager

    Her passion is the digital world – from performance up to social marketing, she has everything under control for us, and that 100% remotely from her chosen home Spain.

    Specialist for:
    Online marketing, E-commerce & web performance analysis

  • Markus Rabsch
    Markus Rabsch Senior Consultant & Sales

    Responsible for developing customer potential with his many years of professional experience and extensive industry expertise. He also loves discussions in his private life – especially over a nice glass of wine.

    PIM, MAM, publishing, data classification and editorial systems

  • Jörg M. Vierkorn
    Jörg M. Vierkorn CONSULTANT

    His objective: all the way up. Not just when working on his mail-order and omni-channel projects but also in his leisure time when snowboarding in Tyrol.
    MAM, PIM and editorial systems

  • Arne Kück

    Whether with complex data migration, product life-cycle management or stand-up paddleboarding on the Inner Alster Lake in Hamburg – when it is about the perfect balance, he is our guy.

    Master data management & Product life-cycle management

  • Christian Hessenthaler
    Christian Hessenthaler CONSULTANT

    He is the guardian of our system database, being familiar with the software market for PIM, MAM through to e-Commerce. He loves thinking outside the box and exploring the Far East as a backpacker.

    Software selection processes for PIM, MAM, CMS, e-Commerce & CRM.

  • Manuela Six

    Our expert for data acquisition, structuring and maintenance loves everything to do with the Far Eastern culture and dreams of getting her pilot’s licence one day.

    Specialist for:
    Master Data Management

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